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  • Today you’ll feel the depth of your spiritual power

    If you’re not accustomed to your power, it may scare or intimidate you at first. But rest assured that with your beautifully positive and prayer-filled focus, you are channeling pure Divine power, which can only be used for God’s will of love. They show me a vision that you’ll need to be assertive today in […]

  • New Beginnings to Love

    “New Beginnings to Love Ok, so this message just wants to keep coming out and I’m not going to fight it, lol. The Romance Angels want you to know that you are deserving of great and lasting love and what you have been asking for is on its way. You are being reminded over and […]

  • Pay Attention

    Pay Attention. We have precious guidance offered to us each and every day if we only pay attention. Do you think all those creative ideas that just pop into your head just come from nowhere? Of course not! They are being zoomed right into your brain by Heaven. Are those words in an overheard conversation […]