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  • Truth Be Told

    Truth Be Told: The new beginnings you are about to embark on after releasing all the non essential energies in your life. This means that as you start choosing NEW people, places, things, ideas as well as embracing and accepting new and unexpected opportunities your life shifts. This is really a time to let go […]

  • Vegetarian (Today Special)

    Vegetarian: Only love comes through with this message, not a drop of judgement! . You’re being guided today to take a closer look at your diet. Are you getting enough living foods? Foods that are not alive, such as animal products, highly processed items, caffeine, sugar and alcohol (I know – all the fun stuff!) […]

  • SON (Your son is watched over and proctected as he explores his world)

    SON: This card SON is amazing for today and the messages are just flowing. I’m being shown that masculine energies that have been repressed and toxic from your childhood are surfacing and being ready to be released. ALLOWING a whole new sense of emotional HEALING to take place. This release is going to OPEN new […]

  • Destiny 10 (Today Special

    Destiny 10: If you are seeing this card right now, the Universe is reminding you that good fortune is on your side currently. It’s taken you a long time to arrive at this destination, but you made it through, and even better than before. The Destiny card is the Wheel if Fortune card in traditional […]

  • Friendship (Today Special)

    Friendship: You’re being asked to honor your friendships today! A couple messages are coming through for you, so take what you need. . If you’ve been concerned about a situation, reach out to a trusted friend to raise your spirits. This is a reminder that it’s alright to lean on others when you need help! […]

  • Prosperity (Today Special)

    Prosperity: Are you ready to welcome this Prosperous energy into your life? You are about to be blessed with Prosperity in your life. Today you are also being asked to learn the difference between “Money” and “Wealth”. Do you just want to make money or create a windfall of infinite wealth? Also know that money […]

  • Vision (Today Special)

    Vision: Your angel guides are helping you with your spiritual vision. This is your gift to be able to “see” what your physical eyes cannot see. Do you doubt this gift of vision and are blocking yourself from seeing? Do you fear that these visions you are having are a bit overwhelming to you? Since […]

  • Children (Today Special Card)

    Children: This is the season that reminds us of our childlike wonder as we look up at holiday lights and decorations with glee and delight, eagerly anticipating the exchange and tearing open of presents and sucking on a candy cane or two. This season brings out the child in all of us and so we […]