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  • Today’s card is the ASIA

    ASIA: Today I was drawn to the Past Life Oracle Cards deck, as I have been personally feeling at times that there is a block or imbalance from a previous life that I’ve carried over into this one for healing. It seems especially noticeable when the problem appears “out of place”, or particularly hard to […]

  • Trickster Today Special

    Trickster: You have received this card today, because your angel guides are alerting you to there is a “trickster in your midst.” Are you aware of those around you that have been telling you stories that are not true? Are these stories about a person in your family or your work place? How are you […]


    Flexibility: Your fairy guides desire that you become flexible as this will increase you health and creativity. Do you tend to get riled up with certain challenges that happen to you? Are you “non bending” in decision making which causes more upheaval for you? It is ok to stand firm on you ideas and beliefs […]

  • Ace of FIRE

    Ace of FIRE:  Today’s energy is one of NEW OPPORTUNITY. This card is also a reflection of the answer “YES” for anyone who has been wondering about the answer to a yes or no question. Now is a time for growth in any area which has peaked your interest. It is also a time where […]

  • Energy-Healing work

    Energy-Healing work: This is a good time to receive energy healing work! Your energy field feels depleted, which only happens when we are fighting ourselves, or we are trying to give our own energy away to others by letting them have more of our time and attention than needed. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Crystal therapy, EFT, […]

  • Dragonfly, Have confidence during this time of great joy

    Dragonfly: What an auspicious card to make an appearance today! I don’t know how many times in recent months I have heard people mention dragonflies or say they have had dragonflies land on them! I have certainly been seeing them in my visions and now here he is again, reminding you that the angels are […]

  • Sweeping Sister Willow

    Sweeping Sister Willow: We are in a great shift of energies today, A great time ahead indeed. There plenty to be joyful about as you all have come such a long way and now is time to come into your own true sense of self and power to reclaim. By allowing ourselves to cleanse and […]

  • Laughter Is The BEST MEDICINE

    Laughter Is The BEST MEDICINE: Archangel Raphael is the angel to call upon for healing and to bring some humor into your life. Have you been so caught up in this drama that you have forgotten your way? Family or work related drama can really stress you out and bring your energy level down. When […]