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  • Become The Master You SEEK

    Become The Master You SEEK; Your guides say that you are already that Master that you have been looking for. Do you not know dear one that YOU are this already? All the studying you have done and the lessons you are learning has brought you to this point in your life, that YOU are […]

  • Eight of Ariel

    Eight of Ariel: “Eight of Ariel” is all about working your way up to the top of mountain. When you reach the mountain, you might be torn between going back to your comforts or go on the other side of mountain where you’re not familiar. Perhaps because you’ve struggling with getting your aspirations off the […]

  • Allow LOVE

    Allow LOVE: When I think about what’s unconditional love is, I immediately thought of Mother Mary. She is a breathtaking spiritual being that only see pure Love in everyone in the despite of their imperfections. It is exactly what you want, isn’t it? Being accepted and loved for who you are regardless? It isn’t that […]

  • Unfinished Symphony

    Unfinished Symphony: We are really being guided to start tieing up the loose ends from the past. If anyone thought that they could just leave things unfinished or unsaid and step into their new life I’m afraid that Sprit is telling you otherwise. Whether this pertains to business, relationships or absolutely any other thing in […]

  • This Situation Is Already RESOLVED

    This Situation Is Already RESOLVED: There is a lot of doubt about the path you’re walking upon. There might be some situations making your head spin or literally sending you to a different path. You might be feeling nothing is certain but be assured this situation has been resolved. The more you try to hold […]

  • ATHENA – Inner Wisdom

    ATHENA – Inner Wisdom: Tapping into your vast of wisdom and listening to your intuition to find creative solution to sustain your goal of staying true to your soul is the recurring message this weekend. Self-reflection is the main message in this card. It is also about determining what’s dear to your heart. This time […]


    Victory: It is coming. It is coming soon.” You might be still feeling the intense energy from the Full Moon. That also might affect your perception about your future, however, the effects you’re experiencing is for temporary and does not foretell a somber outcome. It is your ego fears speaking and taking advantage of your […]

  • Honor And Trust Your FEELINGS

    Honor And Trust Your FEELINGS: This message repeated itself just like yesterday but for a very good reason. It is apparent that protecting and honoring your boundaries are imperative. This card appears to encourage you to take back what’s rightfully yours. Balancing energies assures you to be firm yet loving about what you need and […]