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  • Positive Thoughts Great Positive Result

    Positive Thoughts Great Positive Result: First, I want to humbly & graciously thank each & every one of you that have liked my posts, my page, Nancy Fortier – Psychic Medium, the shares, & uplifting comments. It’s a pleasure & an honor to offer daily card readings to you. You have made these past several […]

  • Be Gentle With Yourself

    Be Gentle With Yourself: Be gentle with yourself as you’re going through an intense self-exploration about what’s your desire and what’s important to you. Making a change that is in alignment with your highest good can be scary but be assured that everything will be okay and things will change for better. Changes are inevitable […]

  • Card Of The Day APOLOGIZE

    APOLOGIZE: Who is the hardest person to tell “I am sorry”? Think about it. Nope, not that friend, husband/wife, family member or parents, etc. It is YOU. Yes, you are the hardest person to apologize. Have you tried look in the mirror and have a talk with yourself but you find it very uncomfortable and […]

  • GODDESS Of Beauty

    GODDESS Of Beauty: Your angel guides desire that you know who you are. You truly are a beautiful person and there is nothing about you that needs to be “fixed.” Are you concerned that you do not have the prefect pitched voice to sing? Are you worried that your “looks” are not perfect? What is […]

  • 27. SALU Vitality, Health, Energy

    27. SALU Vitality, Health, Energy: Your fairy guides ask that you go outside and enjoy the spring day. The sunshine and the fresh air will do you a world of good they say. Have you been cooped up inside for too long and the walls are starting to close in on you? Did you know […]

  • Seeing The TRUE You

    Seeing The TRUE You: When you go about your day think about what do you see in the reflection. Each day brings us new opportunities and adventures to help us identify who we really want to be and how we can actually affect the outside world. Spend some time on your own today and study […]

  • Fresh AIR, Spend time outside TODAY

    FRESH AIR: You might be feeling like escaping from seeing the truth in certain circumstances, people, and/or within yourself but escapism is an ego fears-based. The more you avoid it, the more the problems will pile on. The sooner you can see it, the sooner you’ll be able to heal from it. There is no […]

  • Retreat, Here’s today’s message from the Divine Guidance

    Retreat: Now here we have word with two meanings and yet they do essentially mean the same thing. When you retreat, you move away from something. It is often involuntarily, such as encountering a bear in the woods. From such an encounter, you would want to retreat from the situation –and rather quickly, we would […]