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  • The Divine Physician, Archangel Raphael

    The Divine Physician : I was just talking earlier about Archangel Raphael as the healer of addictions and ailments. Draw on his energy to assist you in releasing any unhealthful habits and to surround you with his emerald green light of healing. Visualize yourself as vibrant, happy and healthy now. Work with your heart chakra […]

  • Make the effort, Beloved!

    Make the effort, Beloved! Do you sometimes receive inspiration on how to be very romantic, or do something special for your partner, and then fear disappointment if they don’t like your gesture, or decide it’s too much effort? Your relationship will improve when you make an effort, take the steps you’re guided to take, because […]

  • CLEAR QUARTZ, Meditation – Crown Chakra

    CLEAR QUARTZ: Your guides desire that you take time for your meditation now. Have you been desiring more communication with your angels and guides? The clear quartz crystal opens you up to receive divine guidance. Setting aside a special time each day for meditation or prayer will connect you with these loving beings. If you […]

  • Firm Foundation

    Our card that is presented to us is Firm Foundation, indicating that anything that you are working towards currently in your life is creating a solid base and a firm foundation for all that will come to pass in your life. Lessons came seem hard at first, but once you realize how they are setting […]

  • LUCK, You are right to be strong

    LUCK, You are right to be strong and optimistic about the opportunities ahead. If this card is resonating with you today, the angels want to remind you that luck is currently on your side and to take advantage of opportunities coming your way. “Your fate is changing because of decisions you have made. You have […]

  • The Seven of Fire

    The Seven of Fire represent the development and use of one’s intuition to see the way forward, and predict possible outcomes. Intuition is that gut feeling — it is an instinctual or unconscious knowing — that, when you heed it, can keep you safe from making mistakes, and lead you to being in the right […]

  • The Weaver, Fate, Destiny, Wyrd

    The Weave: You have inherited aspects of your family honor and wyrd*. The actions of your ancestors have had a ripple effect on your life, and you have worked through some of this impact with strength and nobility. There may be more work to do yet. You have free will and you also have a […]

  • BEWARE Be careful who you trust at this time

    BEWARE Be careful who you trust at this time: With all the current energies wreaking havoc on people’s emotions and having resistance to change, you may find it beneficial to avoid people and situations that may cause disruption to your energy. Take all things with a grain of salt and take nothing personally. Stay away […]