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Definitely Yes

Definitely Yes: What you’re asking about will definitely happen, provided that you keep your thoughts positive. You can bring about your desires more quickly by paying attention to thoughts, feelings,… Read more »

Raise your Standards

Raise your Standards: Do not settle for less than the best. You deserve respect and understanding. Don’t let others walk all over you, and take you for granted. Say “No”… Read more »


THE AMARYLLIS LUTE: Today’s oracle card brings you a message that you are ready to leave your old life behind which you have energetically outgrown. You’ve raised your vibration which… Read more »

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth: This shows that you are in a period of big spiritual growth. So you might feel that you’re walking into the unknown. You know that you and your… Read more »

Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star: ~Make a wish and expect the very best!~ Here’s a secret to a happy life: Expect the Best! That’s because life gives you what you expect…. Read more »

You Can Do It

You Can Do It: There is strong support and compassion coming from Archangel Michael to prop you up from low energy or lagging faith. You’ve been through some intense times… Read more »