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  • Guardian ANGEL

    Guardian ANGEL: You do believe in us, don’t you? We are always here for you. This is the role of your two guardian angels. We come with you at birth and stay until it is time for you to leave this earth plane. Then we escort you into the realm that you refer to as […]

  • The Ace of Pentacles

    Ace of Pentacles: Having a dream come true can be quite the process. It is not always easy it quick. Yet, for those of us who continue with our goals, and never give up… The dream will come true! The “Ace of Pentacles” is showing just how far you have made it! Once a dream […]

  • Release & Relax

    Release & Relax: I personally love this card. Not only that it has a beautiful artwork but it carries a beautiful energy. As you can see, the angel is standing by the window feeling the fresh air. It is quite refreshing feeling. Allowing the air sweep against your face, body, and mind, shifting your energy […]

  • SELF-APPRECIATION See the angel within and love yourself more.

    SELF-APPRECIATION See the angel within and love yourself more: You need to realise importance of self love and self care. Angelic realms wish to remind you that loving yourself is not illegal testicle it is in fact a really great way to become more at one with the Divine when you love yourself you project […]

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  • 19 SHINE, Energy of the Day

    19 SHINE: Today’s energy represents CONFIDENCE. You are currently surrounded by energy that is helping you to SHINE your inner light ever so brightly. The energy is supporting you in helping you to exude your cofidence which reaches out and touches other’s lives by bringing joy to you and to everyone around you. The current […]

  • Ten of MICHAEL

    Ten of MICHAEL: Freedom and wide open new spaces await you! Your challenging situation has ended, so take a bow! The road ahead is awash in golden Light as you continue to showcase your talent. Put the past and the difficult times behind you now. Fully release the beliefs, emotions, and experiences that limited you, […]