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  • Change Your LIFE

    Change Your LIFE: So this card represents a sudden revelation that offers freedom, break free of procrastination, embrace the opportunity that change brings. This is also a Arcana card which signifies a significant event or turning point in our lives. I feel this card is indicating a turning point. You have been observing a situation […]

  • Magician And The MIRROR

    Magician And The MIRROR: Hi there, this is the Magician and the Mirror. The magician represents the culmination of your personal and spiritual power at this time. In The Magician’s left hand is the flame of passion and action. In his right hand is a vortex of water and the light of reflection. The magician […]

  • Success & Growth

    Success & Growth: Hello, everyone! The Psychic Tarot for the Heart seemed to be really calling out to me today. Our card is “Success and Growth”, indicating, I believe, that there has been significant change and growth in your life. In fact you’ve expanded your light so awesomely that you’ve now set a new course […]

  • A Starry NIGHT

    A Starry NIGHT: From far away, way up high above you, in the darkness of the night is a glistening light of hope. The Star. The Star is here to guide and steer you in the right direction. It is there to bring you hope for your future. What you want may not be here […]

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    20 GUARDIAN ANGELS: Your Guardian Angel comes from the 7th dimension and is the Angel that knows most about your soul. It holds the divine blueprint for your life, the blueprint that you chose before you were born here on the earthly plane. Your Guardian Angel whispers guidance to you via your intuition, to keep […]

  • Leadership – Step into Your LEADERSHIP

    Leadership: Energy message from the Angels ??✨ “The time has come for you to be the Light worker and Guide you came here to be and to make a stand for what you believe in. There are many people out there who need to hear your message and they have been waiting for you to […]