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  • Energy Healing, Merlin

    Energy Healing: Merlin is a powerful Ascended Master who helps spiritual teachers and healers to focus their energies in beneficial ways. The message for today is everything is healing and you will be alright. Be aware that whatever your current life situation, Merlin says you have the power to send loving energy to heal and […]

  • Manifestation Power, Use Your Spirit Gift

    Manifestation Power: “” Use your Spiritual gifts and natural abilities to attract your desired out come”” What you need in your life ? Peace, abundance, success, love, respect everything that you wanted will get manifested by you. Where the intention goes the energy flows. we human has such an incredible abilities and powers to manifest […]


    WOMAN HOLDING A HEART: This card represents dealings with family love or emotions. I look at her and I see peace inside as she follows her heart. She’s very relaxed even though she may be going through a transition or rebirth as I see a butterfly. So I feel this card today is reminding us […]

  • Rose Quartz, healing of your heart chakra

    Rose Quartz: Your crystal angel guides desire that you envision or hold a rose quartz crystal to your heart. Did you know that this loving crystal is for the healing of your heart chakra? Have you been down on yourself and have not felt love for YOURSELF so you do not have love for anyone […]

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  • The King of Pentacles

    Today’s card is The King of Pentacles. What a great energy to start off the day! The King of Pentacles, just like every other King in the Tarot, has worked through every card in his suit. He’s experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and has successfully achieved the lesson in each […]

  • All Tied Up

    All Tied Up: Your angel guides desire that you must “un tie” your bindings that have you feeling bound up so you cannot move. You have allowed someone to “tie you up” meaning this person has taken over controlling YOU and your life. It is time to cut those bindings and take control over what […]