Card Of The Day – LISTENING


Hi there, please look as a solitary winged maiden reclines in the canopy of the woodland glade.

Her resplendent wings turn inward if she purposefully takes time to engage in Listening to the songs of her feathered friends, the birds.

In this Modern Age, more and more emphasis is placed on the role of speaking out,

but few people take time to truly give of themselves by practicing the forgotten art of Listening to one another.

The deeper implication means we have forgotten how to listen to ourselves, the wisdom which comes from our heart and our connection to nature.

An old Italian proverb says, “From listening comes wisdom.”

When we truly listen, we can learn a great deal. In times of crisis we seek out wise people, those who by the virtue of listening have earned the right to be heard.

In addition to listening to others, this intimate art develops a willingness to listen within,

to the ever-present forces of the conscience of the soul, and to the voice of Mother Nature.

There is no place for loneliness if we allow ourselves to truly listen to their wisdom.

The higher power is urging you to be opened, responsive and present in your approach to life.

By listening carefully, you will not only gained new insight and perspective, but also bequeath others with one of the most precious gift of all.


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  • Thanks, love it, I listen (especially to the wind) all the time.

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