BRIGID – Inner Strength

BRIGID – Inner Strength:

Brigid, one of the guides who is with you now is asking you to take a deep breath and go where you are completely YOU.

Have you been feeling at odds with people and kind of disjointed in your thinking and doing?

Are you inside too much and forgetting to go outside and enjoy the beauty around you?

Have you grounded your self lately?

Being grounded will help you find your focus and “feel whole again about YOU”

and what you want to accomplish today as well as feel more at ease with people around you.

Ask Brigid to help you connect with Mother Earth,

feel the fire in your solar plexus as you sit in nature and feel the warmth from the sun coming into your body.

As your body fills with this heat you begin to feel that power radiate through you,

giving you that inner strength to accomplish what you desire to do.

Now you have your focus back, you are feeling whole again,

You Got the Power!


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  • Wow. Just saw this and I just came inside from walking my dog and enjoying the moon n the air and the frogs singing. Been feeling very down lately and overwhelmed and honestly I was actually breathing in the smell and enjoying the moons beauty and I come in and see this card on my wall.. It talked about sun yet I believe the moon Def worked as well.. Thanks for sharing. ? Bridget 🙂

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