Breathe From Archangel Raphael

Breathe From Archangel Raphael:

I usually do my card reading the night before the day of guidance.

Yesterday was Saturday and I had trouble breathing due to intensified anxiety building up in my lungs.

I knew it was due to dense energies and fears were at its peak.

I explained about dense energies in depth in my new weekly card reading vlog but unfortunately, for some reason, it’s not letting me to upload it to my Facebook page.

(I’ll try to fix it!) Not only that I picked up on collective energies- I was also going through something personal.

I was facing my fears and shadows. It was uncomfortable but they were leaving my body slowly, hence, the shortness of breathe.

I did something that was difficult but it was essential to release them for good.

This card is an indication that there are suppressed emotions that need to be released.

While releasing them, take few deep breathes to reduce the intensity.

Taking deep breathes also bring you back to the center of strength.

Use this time to nurture your emotional needs and participate in activities that make you feel good about yourself.

I am seeing that decluttering your home also help declutter energies.

I like cleaning because it gives me a sense of order and an opportunity to hear myself think.

It is truly about clearing out your space, body, emotions, physical, and spiritual.

Soon, your space will make sense again.

Many blessings <3


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  • I have had so much anxiety today too……didnt think of the dense energies you speak of

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