I am reading into the collective energies today.

It seems a lot of people are struggling with stern and stagnant energy.

This energy is not necessarily bad but very beneficial if you allow it to help you.

If you want to change something like building a new routine or breaking old habits and/or how you invest your energy into something you hope to achieve.

This is the perfect energy to work with.

This kind of energy might bring up the reality check behind your procrastination, emotional baggage, and past wounds.

Thus, you are losing the sight of hope when you are surrounded with painful memories and insights into what’s holding you back.

You might be feeling you’re losing it and drowning in the hopelessness but the willingness to work through it will ensure you break through the boulders of internal blocks and finding your clarity at the end of the road.

It means you need to roll your sleeves and be vulnerable.

You might be crying a lot, throwing fits, becoming angry, and/or becoming sad but nothing come easy without hard work and tearing your hard walls down.

It cannot be ignored or avoided any longer because it’s going to get more difficult later if you choose the hard way.

Do it now and you’ll be glad you did it.

On the positive side, you are having your ‘eurerka’ moments about those clouds that have been hovering over you and now you know what to do.

Work with your insights because they have the solutions about how to let your internal blocks go.

Take advantage of this energy to help you achieve a new you that is allowing love to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

This is your time and your chance to build a path that you’re proud of.

Be brave, Love, be brave!

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