Beyond The Mind, The Heart Beats

Beyond The Mind, The Heart Beats : This beautiful card reminds you of the innate intelligence of your own heart.

Choosing to follow the path of the heart means you get out of your head with all its planning and worrying,

and instead you let your intuition ( your ‘inner tutor’) respond to situations rather than merely reacting from the mind’s perspective.

Don’t allow your mind to make mountains out of molehills.

You are being guided to trust in your heart. Rebel against fear.

This card also signals an impending alliance between your head and heart,

where the mind surrenders it’s need for control and protection and makes a shift

to living with less foresight but more wisdom and energy in the present moment.

If you’re finding it hard to plan the way you used to,

know this is okay and a good sign you are transitioning to a new way of being.

All is unfolding in accordance with Divine Love and you are safe.

Thank your heart for its wisdom, love and guidance.


Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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