Believe And Trust

Believe And Trust:

Have faith Beloved, that everything is working out far more beautifully and Divinely than you could have ever imagined.

At times when things seem the most dark and fearful, you are just on the other side of the Miracle.

Believe that the Light is present, even when you cannot see it, and Trust that it will be revealed to you shortly.

Don’t give up just before it shows up!

Just as this card shows you the most magical paradise of peace and beauty, your world is unfolding into a delightful vision of Heaven’s Grace.

Call on Archangel Michael to help you see the beauty all around you, and bring it into manifestation more quickly.

Whether awake or asleep, your dreams are powerful, so allow yourself to dream of perfect beauty and peace,

sparkling radiance and Love as a Divine manifestation tool.

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