Balance Work, Rest, And Play

Balance Work: Your angel guides desire that you “balance” your work, play and relax time.

Instead of doing too much of one thing and not enough of the other thing and then feeling down about it just relax!

This time during the holiday season can be extremely busy as well as lots of fun going to parties.

Enjoy each day by doing some work and some play and this brings a good sense of balance to help you get through the holidays.

Do you love to “do” during this time of year or do you tend to shy away from all the festivities?

Yes you can fulfill your responsibilities and yes you can have fun along the way to play as well.

Is your work place too serious of a work place right now?

Can you bring into the office or the work place a little fun?

Maybe bring in a treat, or fill a red envelope with money

and hide it in the lunch room money for someone to find and maybe buy a cup of coffee.

You can also bring a single yellow rose which will bring sunshine into your work space!.

Have yourself work time and play time and then your rest time this

will help you get through the holidays with great energy and great health!

Nancy Fortier Psychic medium

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