Awakened Creativity

Awakened Creativity: You are not meant to look, sound, act, or be like anyone else.

You’re meant to be you—passionate, excited, joyful, vibrant you.

Divine creative source essence, God, energy and light, are manifest in the physical as you, to live your unique story and life,

to perceive all of creation through the lens of love, through your perspective.

And so, your angels assist you in letting go of feeling the need to conform, to fit in or dull your light.

Embrace your authentic truth and your infinite creative potential to vibrantly live, to radiantly shine, to passionately love,

to joyfully thrive, to walk your unique path and make a difference.

You are the new archetype for humanity emerging.

You are the awakened being.

You are a way-shower because you are infinite divine creativity.

Let go of judgment and allow awakened creativity, your authentic truth, your energetic nature,

your full spiritual light, and divine presence to shine through.

This is your life, and you are here to live it well.

Don’t aim too low, for you are meant to thrive, shine, and fly.

You are supported, guided, and encouraged.

You are able to make a difference in every moment by simply shining the light that you are, living the truth you are meant to live.

You are a divine spiritual being, awakened consciousness, and illuminated perspective.

Now is your time to fully shine and thrive in physical form.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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  • your doing it again! teehee! speaking life to me! just what i need! Thank you!!

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