ASK For HELP From Others

ASK For HELP From Others : This card is also indicating a ‘thumbs up’ from your Angels to allow any exciting new plans

for your future bubble up from your heart to your conscious mind.

You are healing – never doubt that.

Secondly, you’re reminded that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

You create unnecessary stress for your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies by trying to do it all alone!

You have freewill and so you must ask your Angels to lift any burdens from your shoulders.

This spiritual support team we all have is very real and there for you so please ask for assistance!

Don’t forget to ask the people around you for help as well.

At this time you will achieve better results if you reach out and accept help from friends and family members.

There may be some important information you are currently lacking about the best way to move forward through your current situation

and the Angels are saying there is a helpful person around you whom you can connect with.

The Rose Quartz sphere pictured here emanates unconditional love in all directions and it is sending it’s energy into your heart as you look upon it.

You are doing so well at this game we call ‘Life’

Do not despair, a new dawn is upon you.

You are loved and Supported by the Angels.

Angels Blessings

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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