Angels Want to Tell You

“There is no cage, no matter how narrow and dark, that would hold in capture free spirit.

This card is very positive, and through it the angels want to tell you that soon the time shall come when you will feel
really free.

It is possible to break some relationship
personal or business, to be able to pay off debts to institutions, to clean off old accounts that lie heavy upon you and pull you back.

With regard to relations with people, if you postpone a clarification with someone.

It’s time to do it, You should not feel a
slave to someone else, no matter how he tries to manipulate you.

Freedom is the highest aspiration and sacred right of every living thing, so think carefully what are the stones around your neck that pull you down and do not let you roam free, get rid of
them without remorse.

Nancy Fortier Pyschic Medium

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