Allow LOVE

Allow LOVE:

When I think about what’s unconditional love is, I immediately thought of Mother Mary.

She is a breathtaking spiritual being that only see pure Love in everyone in the despite of their imperfections.

It is exactly what you want, isn’t it? Being accepted and loved for who you are regardless?

It isn’t that difficult to receive Love if you allow Love in.

Most important of all, you know that you are worthy of Love, even though, if people do not see it in you. That’s a healthy sense of self-Love.

Divine timing is also a part of attracting Love, positivity, and support.

After going through difficult trials and experiences, the profound lesson is learning to accept and love your whole being.

When you understand the lesson, everything you pray for come to you at the right timing.

It is a matter of knowing how much can you allow yourself to tolerate unhealthy behaviors and people. Again, it comes down to your self-love.

Whether you choose to accept hurt and abuse to replace Love because you do not want to be alone OR to choose to accept Love because you believe you are worthy of love and support.

You are the catalyst.

Allowing Love in is also loving yourself. In self-love, you flourish surrounded with support and faith.

You also believe in your dreams and your ability to build a foundation to your dreams.

Soon, you’ll see your dream manifest. Allow Love. <3


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