All Tied Up

All Tied Up: Your angel guides desire that you must “un tie” your bindings that have you feeling bound up so you cannot move.

You have allowed someone to “tie you up” meaning this person has taken over controlling YOU and your life.

It is time to cut those bindings and take control over

what YOU desire in your life no one has the right to control

you and tell you what to do for you! the card and the crystals are laid upon

the hawk feather symbolizing the time to take the lead and have clear vision and a deep connection to the spirit world;

the crystals associated with taking back control are yellow for the solar plexus;

to the left is the citrine point quartz for courage and power for self,

the bottom crystal is a yellow calcite for enhancing one’s will with confidence,

healing and balance in one’s life,

and the right crystal is a natural yellow jasper for releasing toxins in the stomach

area as well as channels positive energy for the solar

plexus easing emotional stress from the body.

Nancy Fortier Psychic medium

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