Acceptance – See Yourself And Others Through The Eyes of THE ANGELS

We only have control over “our” thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior, etc. When we try to “change” someone else, it usually does not work.

This leads to frustration, disappointment, anger, and all kinds of negativity.

Here, God and the Angels are asking us to accept ourselves for who we are at this exact moment and to continue to work on making changes that will better our body, mind, and soul.

But, we need to accept who we are and love ourselves to give us the strength and courage to make those changes.

As for everyone else, today’s message is about accepting all human beings for who they are and not judging anyone.

That’s a challenge for many. Now, this is not to say we need to accept negative people or situations.

No, God wants us to surround ourselves with loving people so that we may live a peaceful and happy life.

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