6 Of FIRE:

Today’s energy is urging you to not be afraid of the person you are becoming.

Spirit wants you to keep on shining your light.

Do not dim your inner light because it’s shining to brightly in others eyes

– they can look away or put on some sunglasses. S

haring your change and transformation with others is a blessing to your personal world and the world as a whole.

Do not back down from opportunities that are presented to you because you are afraid to “hurt others”.

We must understand and believe that there is ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE.

There is limitless abundance in this beautiful Universe and we just have to tap into it in order to receive it.

If the changes you have made to your life seem different or off to others you need not worry about that.

Like the depiction in the picture below the boat is flying with the help of an air balloon.

You must believe in the magic within in you.

In the fire and passion within you and use that to create what you want and need in your life.

It doesn’t matter how it looks to others as long as your intentions are pure and loving you will always be supported by the Universe.

Keep shining your lights and do not be afraid to step out and light the way for others.

Blessings ?


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  1. You are a blessing for me, I deeply respect and love you for that. ??

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