50 Compass, Energy of the Day

50 Compass

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This card is perfect, as we approach the Spring Equinox which is FINALLY the REAL BEGINNING of that new life we’ve all been working so hard for.

The beginning has been inching in slowly.

Well soon enough you will be here.

You will still have some things from the past that you’ll need to work in cleaning up but this is

where you’ll see more evidence of things coming to fruition the way you’d hoped for for soooo long.

This will be some uncharted territory, it will be very different than your years past experiences.

This is going to require you to trust your knowing, to follow your own TRUE NORTH, to trust that you are guided and that you are on the right path, the best path for you.

Some of you will recognize how much your life has changed over the past year.

Actually take time to STOP and THINK about it.

And now look ahead;

where are you going? Is this where you thought you’d be? Probably not.

You were probably hoping for something else but the Universe had a different plan for you a BETTER plan.

This energy today is a reminder to practice letting the energy and the Universe guide you through your day today.

Then you’re asked to look back at the end of the Day and assess how well you allowed the Universe to guide your day.

Spirit wants you to start getting comfortable letting the Universe guide you.

Hoping you all have the most beautifully guided day!


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