5 Techniques For connecting to your Higher Self

5 Techniques For connecting to your Higher Self, a Universal Consciousness and the Divine.

It is not enough just to believe, you have to embody and take action in making a habit of daily practices and connections.

To change your life is to change your ways, to become a higher vibration, a vibration that is of a divine world and dimension.

Our ancient ancestors lived much differently than we do now, and although we are exceeding in technology and science, we have lost the natural connection along the way.

Have you ever wondered why most of our connected history is found before the technology era?

That is because the daily practices back then were much more spiritual seeking than anything.

So lets begin to dissolve the mind as we enter into the consciousness.

#1 -Awareness – Be aware not just of your outer world but your inner one as well.

Take notice of each thought and feeling, each gut instinct and that little voice in your head.

Did you know that your higher self and the divine will speak to you by name.

Say you are going to take a left hand turn and all of the sudden you hear a voice inside say “no Naomi, take the next exit not this one” your name gets your attention because it feels as if someone other than your physical self is speaking to you.

This is your inner voice which is connected to the universe and the divine, your higher self.

Of course you may just hear a voice that says “go the other way” but if you are doing a lot of self awareness and inner guidance,

you will actually start to hear the inner voice speak to you by name which helps you to trust what

your hearing is coming from someone other than this physical form that you are and this will stop those later moments where you wished you had of listened to your intuition.

Yes a lot of this is about intuition, but your intuition will get lost in your mind if you don’t listen to that inner voice.

Take notice of the “stop” feelings you get, your physical body will also be present in making you feel

sick or even like your energy is truly being stopped from proceeding with whatever it is in front of

you, or you will feel like your being pushed forward like there’s just this urge you have to do this.

To hear the inner voice is to allow it to speak.

Yes this may sound crazy, but you literally need to let the voice speak and stop shutting it down with your mind.

I would even suggest getting your own set of oracle cards and pulling a message for yourself everyday. Get in the habit of connecting.

#2 – Listening(this goes hand in hand with #1)- to listen is to trust and not to doubt. You have to get in the habit of trusting what your inner world is showing you and telling you.

If you doubt it then it is because you don’t fully trust yourself.

You know that moment when you look back and say “man I wish I had of trusted and listened to my first thought or feeling” that is where you should start to see the patterns of why you don’t trust and listen.

Say you meet someone and your gut feeling isn’t good and then later down the road your gut feeling is proved right.

Why didn’t you listen to it?

Because you just had to see it to believe it and you created all these obstacles like thinking maybe you were wrong and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.

But here’s the thing, there is a huge difference between an intuitive feeling and just the mind overthinking.

You will KNOW when your instinct is guiding you, it is a distinctive and indescribable feeling.

Listen not with your 5 senses, but with your sixth sense.

Don’t let the 5 senses fool you.

#3 – Quiet – you must create a space of peace and quiet, not just a physical space where you go to meditate or even get away from the noise,

but an actual space inside yourself where you are quiet and calm.

In the face of adversity you will want to react to everything, your mind will be racing and you feel like you have to do something.

To quiet yourself is to connect to the higher self as well as divine and universal consciousness.

At any given moment you can take a literal step back and a deep breath, tell yourself “I will stop and turn off my mind and turn on my higher self,

what would _____(say your name) do in this situation.

Meditation is an amazing technique that doesn’t always entail you to be in a quiet dark room, it can be used at every moment of the day from within you.

Close your eyes, breathe in, take a moment or two.

#4 – Pray! Talk and Engage! – the more you speak to the divine the stronger your connection.

Why? Because as you speak to them you are acknowledging them and inviting their energy into your life.

You are putting faith and belief in your prayers, as you engage in a daily practice of talking with the divine and universal consciousness, you will start to see more signs and hear more guidance.

You will feel the presence after you ask for a sign about a certain situation when later you see something that sure doesn’t seem like coincidence.

You see you have to get out of that black and white bubble, that tunnel vision that doesn’t allow you to truly see what’s going on around you.

Every morning get up and say good morning universe, good morning higher self, good morning divine.

What do you wish to show me today.

I would really like answers on _____(whatever it is you wish).

Now that you’ve asked and you’ve let them into your day, you must be willing to be present in every part of your day.

Try keeping a journal, or taking a moment every time you see something that makes you stop and think “is this coincidence!?” –

Really remember what you’ve prayed for and acknowledge their answers even if the answer shows you what you don’t want to see at this moment.

It isn’t always about what you want, it is about what you need.

#5 – Become Authentic – in every part of you; physical, mental, & emotional; there is a need for you to be authentic.

To be truth and love in all that you do, say, and embody.

Your connection to anything or anyone first begins with you.

The energy you create and emit. Your higher self would never stoop to negativity, nor would the higher self be fed by greed, anger, hate, or self destruction.

Energy is a huge part of this universe, and so knowing this you must understand it.

There are negative situations and people at every turn, we have many horrible things happening in this world, but the one thing you have control over is your own energy which is connected to a divine force.

It truly does help to learn about divine energy vibration, higher self and consciousness, as well as the laws of the universe; if you have some time, look them all up, do some learning and researching.

Take an active role in understanding.

You must face the truth of yourself.

Physically why are you sick?

Why does your reflection not appease you?

What is it that you can do to accept your physical self more in a loving way?.

Mentally you must understand your thoughts as well as your ego.

Your ego will tell you all sorts of bull***t! It creates many scenarios and tries to judge a situation before the higher self can.

Try not to use logic so much, try not to resort to how it use to be.

Emotionally you must feel everything.

Even what you don’t want to feel. Why?

Because nothing good ever comes from bottling things up.

If you feel it then it can release so you can understand it better.

Be authentic in every part of you.

Don’t hide the truth, don’t back down from the things you know you have to face.

Authenticity means you are of sound Mind. Body. Soul. And Spirit.

Be the better person. Be the higher self every single moment. Raise your vibration.

Tools you can use: crystal healing is a profound way to help your energy.

Oracle and tarot cards help you to connect and receive messages, just because it’s a card doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a message for you.

Meditation is great as well as physical excersize which releases endorphins of a higher vibration.

Nature is a key component so get outside or at least bring a piece of nature into your everyday; go hug a tree!.

Candle light is a profound energy that creates an ambiance of peace and tranquility, light some candles and sit quietly in the light.

Journaling is a great reflection tool as well, let your words flow onto the paper and then read what you’ve written.

Music is also profound, it can take you through many thoughts and feelings as you follow the rhythms.

Much love and keep shining bright your light from within xxx

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