41 Holly WATER

41 Holly WATER:

Holy water is water that has been blessed by a cleric for the purposes of spiritual use.

The ceremonial use of water, which is a natural symbol of purification, was typical of many pagan cults.

The use of holy water in Christianity dates back to the 2nd century.

Initially it was sprinkled upon the congregation during the Sunday Mass, but eventually it became a part of all the rites of consecration.

An infant is usually christened by being immersed in holy water three times, but in the case of teenagers and adults, the holy water is just being poured on the recipient’s head.

The effect of this sacrament, thus, of Holy Water, is the remission of all sin and the punishment which is due for sin.

The Holy Water revives a person into a new life in Christ.

Since ancient times, people believed that the water acquires special healing properties on the Epiphany day:

although people swim in the cold water, they do not catch a cold; the water keeps away diseases and various other effects of evil.

People believe that, unlike ordinary water, holy water is not flawed.

When is being mixed with ordinary water, the latter acquires its holy quality.

When taken with faith and prayer, it heals our bodily diseases.

According to people’s convictions, Holy Water repels evil spirits and pacifies the human passions.

That is why it is sprinkled in homes and over various objects.

A bottle with holy water placed on the affected area neutralizes a disease’s negative effect.


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