33 Heaven SENT

33 Heaven SENT:

Just as we receive gifts in the physical world, so too we receive gifts on other levels – including the spiritual level.

Your spiritual gift today may be symbolic. It may be something that seems ordinary but holds a lot of meaning to you.

It might be an object that catches you eye, but it is not the object alone, rather it is the underlying energy that captures you.

That is just the wrapping.

The actual gift is subtle, yet effective empowerment.

You will be empowered to accomplish tasks that you have been trying to menage.

The spiritual gift may be obvious – an offer, a trip, a friendship, a new lover, or a remarkable healing in a current relationship.

Might even be a greater big bold vision upon things, a light bulb that flashes and you change your perspective on things radically.

This gift will bring about healing and assistance to your heart’s desires and it is coming from spirit.

Blessed day, everyone.

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