29 Shallow Grave (You miss someone)

29 Shallow Grave (You miss someone):

Message: It is time to acknowledge just how deeply you have yearned for someone’s return, and how much that person’s loss has affected you.

When you bring yourself to grief, it is healing.

That being could be a lost love, friend, a pet you loved, or a grandparent or parent who has gone.

Grieving with your whole heart can be so strong at times, it can physically hurt; aching intensely.

Feel your grief but you will not wallow in it forever.

There is a deep sadness here, and it cannot be erased by denying its presence.

However, you must honor the love more than the loss.

Once this is done, you can put what is missing to rest, and visit from time to time, but know that you have been truthful with yourself, and that your sadness will change and be a part of your life’s beauty, not its pain.

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