26 Be True To Your HEART

26 Be True To Your HEART:

Today’s energy is a HUGE reflection of self confidence.

You are being reminded and asked to check in with yourself each and every day to make sure

that choices you made that day are reflecting you and who you wish to be and the type of life you wish to lead.

I’m really drawn to the butterfly as this next 6 month period is a period for HUGE transformation within your life.

The energy may feel turbulent to you but it is so important that you stay grounded at this time.

I’m also being guided that music is a source of comfort for you as well as a place where your Spirit team / the Universe can deliver messages to you directly.


Over the next three weeks you are going to endure a roller-coaster ride of energy and over the next few months things are going to go “this way and then that way and back this way”.

You must remain in your confidence that things are working in your BEST interest.

This is a great time to learn the lesson of going with the flow.

The rewards on the other side of February are amazing.

Now is a great time to put into practice some of the wisdom you’ve gained over the past five turbulent years helping to build your confidence.

Today’s energy portrays “busyness” and abundance especially with regards to partnerships.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other as all is truly well and you are getting to where you need to be.

It is so important to see the beauty in the chaos.




  • OMG Nancy your guidance means so much to me. You touch my heart daily. I feel like you see my soul. Thank you very much.

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