20 Blossom (Today Special)

20 Blossom:

Today’s energy is reflecting growth in the areas of relationships.

This is a time of potential for growth and blossoming.

You are being guided to address and assess your relationships of ALL kinds including your relationship with yourself at this time.

Do the relationships in your life as well as your relationship with yourself bring you joy?

Do they add to your life in a fashion that is beneficial?

Are they draining or energizing?

Which need to stay?

Which need to go?

Which need more nurturing to help the BLOSSOM and BLOOM into solid and very rewarding relationships that are unbreakable?

This card is also a reflection of confidence and the solar plexus chakra.

Your chakra is beginning to become unblocked and the energy is being cleared from this area allowing confidence to bloom adding to a beneficial way in your relationship with yourself in the area of self-love!

The rewards for assessing and addressing this area and proceeding forward with actions required whether it be to let go of some relationships,

keep some or work on bettering some you will be thankful at the end of this year that you did!

So much healing energy is here to guide you and assist you at this time.

I’m also being shown that security and protection is around you as you proceed forward with relationship changes.

Many blessings to you all! ?


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