10 of Wands For Today!

Hmmm this is surprising.. 10 of wands for today.

Wands is a fire energy this can be feeling anxious or sum anxiety for the day that’s carrying over to be clear so lighten the load off of you a bit.

Don’t let the workload or stress bother you to much today..try to take the time to relax a bit and start fresh.

Try to generate sum new flashes of inspiration and creativity if the ones before wasn’t working out for you.

There might be a need to change a way you are working and going about things right now

so instead of being burden by it for not moving forward find some inspiration in something you doing

and switch up and add something extra to what you working on.

You can be carrying a lot of ideas and creative energy with you

and just not feeling what to do with it all and this can cause sum anxiety or feeling overwhelmed because this energy wants to be let out and freed.

So take the time to distribute this energy where ever you feel is necessary.

Weather just writing, getting things on paper as ideas, going for a walk, creating music, sharing with others or whatever you may feel.

This energy needs to be expressed and shown. Its 10 but 1+0 is 1

So we can also take this burden of all we feeling and create something totally new.

Try to tap into your creative sprit today and allow.

Don’t feel burden by it all.

Take your time to sort it all out so you can put it all in motion.

Namaste My friends

Nancy Fortier Psychic medium

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