Shower of ABUNDANCE: Dear ones, this can’t be a coincidence. These stuff can’t be made up. It’s a law of resonance. It’s energy. Energy doesn’t lie. This is a message… Read more »

Answered PRAYER

Answered PRAYER: Praying for joy is usually our destiny. No prayers are ever wasted. It can either be answered literally, sending the energy to someone else that really need it,… Read more »

KUAN YIN, Compassion

KUAN YIN, Compassion: Seek and use compassion when you find yourself in the midst of fears, confusion, and uncertainty about ‘unknown.’ It connects us with the Spirit and it reminds… Read more »

Today Card is FOCUS

FOCUS: After a highly emotional and intense energy day yesterday, staying focused on your goals and being positive is what get you through a difficult day. Emotions can cloud your… Read more »

Detach From The SITUATION

Detach From The SITUATION: The story of vulnerability continues today. Being vulnerable does not necessary means your energy is open to fears and negativity but it increase the awareness of… Read more »