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  • Emotional Healing – Bleeding Heart

    “Emotional Healing” “Bleeding Heart: It’s safe for you to let go of old emotional pain. By doing so, you allow your heart to mend.” “It’s time to release the pain you’ve been carrying from your past. There’s no better time than the present to let go of these lower energies that bring you nothing but […]

  • Indigo Angel Message – TRUST

    TRUST: TRUST: Illusion is all around as those who are artificial block those who are authentic. It is difficult to believe that your gifts are real when you are surrounded by those who capitalize off their inauthentic ways. God knows you are authentic and that you are doing good work. Look not the right or […]

  • 7 Of SWORDS

    “7 Of SWORDS” Today’s message is one of truth and honesty. We are being asked to look at our current circumstances and whether or not they are what we TRULY want and desire or if we are still lying to ourselves about where our happiness lies. Spirit wants to remind you that you MUST let […]

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  • Today Special – FORGIVE

    FORGIVE: With forgiveness, you empower healing for yourself and others. With forgiveness, your energy expands, your vibration increases, and healing is able to happen for you on a cellular and energetic level. Forgiveness does not make whatever happened right, but it allows you to mentally and energetically let go of any grievance previously held. With […]

  • Relax and Allow LIGHT IN

    Relax and Allow LIGHT IN: Breathe, focus within, and allow yourself to relax. Relax your head. Relax your face, jaw, and mouth. Relax your neck, shoulders, and upper back. As you consciously relax, light energy is able to flow in and divine light is able to rejuvenate, cleanse, and uplift your being. Relax your arms, […]

  • The Spiral DANCER

    The Spiral DANCER: The Spiral Dancer moves with her own rhythm and steps to music only she can hear. She takes you on a path that is winding and circular. She assures you that what you’re experiencing as a setback is really part of an upward spiral. Perception is everything: you’re not retracing your steps […]

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